Blockchain Wine Industry! (Vechain Wine & Everledger Wine)

Blockchain Wine Industry! (Vechain Wine & Everledger Wine)

Blockchain Wine Industry! (Vechain Wine & Everledger Wine)

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More specifically, you want help with Blockchain Wine Industry! (Vechain Wine & Everledger Wine)?

This Post Was All About Blockchain Wine Industry! (Vechain Wine & Everledger Wine).
Blockchain Wine Industry! (Vechain Wine & Everledger Wine)

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Find out how Vechain and Everledger are using blockchain in the wine industry to revolutionize efforts against counterfeiting and collector’s fraud!

(I am not being paid to say this! I just think this is a DOPE idea)
Find the Blacksburg Wine Lab Kickstarter here, and please get yourself some rad merch to help the cause: b

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