Bitcoin Analysis: How BTC can realistically hit $100k+

Bitcoin Analysis: How BTC can realistically hit $100k+

Bitcoin Analysis: How BTC can realistically hit $100k+

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More specifically, you want help with Bitcoin Analysis: How BTC can realistically hit $100k+?

This Post Was All About Bitcoin Analysis: How BTC can realistically hit $100k+.
Bitcoin Analysis: How BTC can realistically hit $100k+

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Hashoshi delivers Bitcoin analysis which describes why BTC could hit $100k or more in the coming months and years based on a variety of fundamental characteristics that the 12 year old cryptocurrency has. Both retail and institutions have been buying up Bitcoin at a rapid clip, outpacing the ever-slowing supply inflation by way of mining. When miners aren’t selling, investors are buying, and the rate of inflation continues to halve every 4 years, the price continues to have upward pressure. Does this mean Bitcoin is a guaranteed win or a get rich quick scheme? Not in the slightest.

***NOTE*** This video constitutes no financial advice or formal guidance on investment decisions, and is not a replacement as such for that of a duly licensed professional. The content in this video should be treated as informational only. Cheers!

0:00 Intro
0:30 Is Bitcoin truly limited to 21 million in supply?
2:52 The economics of Bitcoin in-depth
– Supply vs. Demand, Scarcity, Inflation, and more
6:29 What happens after 2024’s Bitcoin halving?
7:02 The TRUTH that everyone must know about Bitcoin *HINT* it’s not a get rich quick scheme
8:41 The best place to buy BTC in the USA

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This Bitcoin price analysis is based on Bitcoin 2021 performance and historical metrics from the 12 year history of Bitcoin.

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