2 Cardano NFT GEMS that you need to have on your radar…

2 Cardano NFT GEMS that you need to have on your radar…

2 Cardano NFT GEMS that you need to have on your radar…

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More specifically, you want help with 2 Cardano NFT GEMS that you need to have on your radar…?

This Post Was All About 2 Cardano NFT GEMS that you need to have on your radar….
2 Cardano NFT GEMS that you need to have on your radar...

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EASILY mint Cardano NFT’s – o
Check out Unsigs *amazing* art NFTs – m
Hashoshi sat down with Cardano NFT pioneers, Patrick Tobler and Alex Watanabe, the creators of NFT-maker.io and Unsigs (Unsigned Algorithm art) to talk about Cardano NFTs and why Cardano multi asset support makes native tokens so much easier to use. These tokens behave as if they are Cardano ADA native to the blockchain. As Cardano smart contracts go live on mainnet, even more powerful functionality will come to NFT projects via Cardano dapps.

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0:00 Welcome

0:22 Patrick Tobler – Introduction

1:34 Alex Watanabe – Introduction

3:49 Delegate to the BABEL, MONAD, H4SH Cardano Stake Pools!

4:32 Cardano NFTs: Why are they unique?

6:55 but what are NFTs?

7:58 Is the NFT craze over? The hype has died down?

8:38 Unsigs is an innovative NFT project to look into

12:09 Crypto provides such powerful opportunities

12:38 [NFT-Maker.io]( helps you mint Cardano NFT’s EASILY

16:00 Have an idea? GO BUILD IT!

17:48 Where to find Unsigs and NFT Maker

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