The Whale Who Started This CRASH!! Is BitMEX Involved!?

The Whale Who Started This CRASH!! Is BitMEX Involved!?

The Whale Who Started This CRASH!! Is BitMEX Involved!?

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This Post Was All About The Whale Who Started This CRASH!! Is BitMEX Involved!?.
The Whale Who Started This CRASH!! Is BitMEX Involved!?

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Chico Crypto has identified the whale who initiated this crash, resulting in the house of cards coming down the past couple of days. They flash crashed Ethereum on Bitstamp, which price data feeds into Bitmex futures contracts, resulting in mass liquidations and spreading like a virus into the crypto markets. Was the Bitmex exchange actually the culprit of this? Are they trading against their own customers? Tune in to find out!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction
00:22 The Markets Are Getting Crushed & Mass Long Liquidations on BitMEX
01:01 The Ethereum Flash Crash on Bitstamp Started This Collapse
01:20 Why Have So Many Flash Crashes Happend On Bitstamp? The BitMex Connection
01:49 The Bitstamp Selloff Speads Into BitMEX Futures
02:07 Why Does The Most Liquid Crypto Exchange Use Less Liquid Exchanges To Get Price Data?
02:50 Could BitMEX Be The Orchestrator of These Flash Crashes?
03:10 BitMEX Does Trade On It’s Own Exchange
05:20 Ethereum Using Bitcion Cash For 2nd Layer?
05:50 Is Vitalik Crazy? Bitcoin Cash Has NO Hashing Power & Is Centralzied
06:48 Conculsion

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