BITCOINs Next Bull Run Will Be Sparked by ETHEREUM DeFi

BITCOINs Next Bull Run Will Be Sparked by ETHEREUM DeFi

BITCOINs Next Bull Run Will Be Sparked by ETHEREUM DeFi

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This Post Was All About BITCOINs Next Bull Run Will Be Sparked by ETHEREUM DeFi.
BITCOINs Next Bull Run Will Be Sparked by ETHEREUM DeFi

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Bitcoin Bull Runs always come from a technological spark. In 2017 it was Ethereum and the ERC20 token contract. The Next Crypto Bull Run will begin with liquidity from Bitcoin, but this time the technological spark that will bring parabolic price movements will come from ETHEREUM DeFi! Tune in as Chico Crypto breaks this down, and shines some light into two high potential Decentralized Finance projects and protocols!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction-Who Do Yo You Love?
00:45 Why I Love Ethereum DeFi-Next Bull Run Will Kick Off Because Of It!
01:58 Ethereum Controls Decentralized Finance-Comparison With Other Blockchains
03:35 Ethereum DeFi Is Speaking The Enterprise and Institutional Language
04:05 The Goal of The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)
04:22 EEA Making Waves At Ethereum Devcon 5
05:05 Updated EEA Specifications and Clients & The Devcon Talk
06:33 Diving Into The EEA Off Chain Trusted Compute Specification
07:44 The Connection To HyperLedger Avalon
08:18 Chainlink $LINK Connection To Trusted Compute Framework
10:18 iExecs $RLC Connection To The Trusted Compute Framework
12:54 Outro

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