This DeFi gem is about to LIFTOFF!

This DeFi gem is about to LIFTOFF!

This DeFi gem is about to LIFTOFF!

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More specifically, you want help with This DeFi gem is about to LIFTOFF!?

This Post Was All About This DeFi gem is about to LIFTOFF!.
This DeFi gem is about to LIFTOFF!

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TrustSwap is a full-service decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. We take a look at what is TrustSwap, and its main features such as its launchpad, smart lock system, and liquidity locks. Most importantly, we reveal an upcoming feature coming to TrustSwap which can potentially bring BILLIONS of dollars of value into the ecosystem.

0:00 Introduction
1:56 What is TrustSwap?
3:55 What is TrustSwap’s Launchpad?
5:21 Smart Lock System
8:08 Liquidity locks
9:35 Coming soon: Billion-dollar opportunity?
13:35 Closing

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Disclosure: I am an advisor of TrustSwap and hold $SWAP tokens.
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