My NFT Adventure (Story Time)

My NFT Adventure (Story Time)

My NFT Adventure (Story Time)

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This Post Was All About My NFT Adventure (Story Time).
My NFT Adventure (Story Time)

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Everyone is flocking to NFTs nowadays, whether you are a collector, or a musician, or an artist, or a celebrity, there is so much hype around this space. Even my mum and uncle were asking me about NFTs which absolutely blew my mind, I honestly did not expect her demographic would even heard of NFTs. NFTs can indeed offer some ridiculous returns, sometimes even higher returns than crypto. I have personal experiences of earning profits from NFTs, minting NFTs at 3 am and 5 am multiple times, I have also got rekt by NFTs before. I’m a musician myself so I have experiences of selling my own NFTs on both refinable and Solsea.

0:00 Introduction
2:36 First Solanart project
4:10 Second Solanart project
6:11 Third Solanart project
7:51 Conclusion

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