Gala Overview: What You Need To Know!!

Gala Overview: What You Need To Know!!

Gala Overview: What You Need To Know!!

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This Post Was All About Gala Overview: What You Need To Know!!.
Gala Overview: What You Need To Know!!

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

Gala ($GALA) is a blockchain gaming platform that uses the play to earn model popularised by games such as Axie Infinity ($AXS). Its mission is to create blockchain games that people actually enjoy playing, and wouldn’t even notice that is a blockchain game i.e. , fun first, then blockchain in the background. Gala Games platform was built on Ethereum ($ETH) Network and later switched to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for better user experience. The mechanism of the platform is super special. It includes a proof of work, proof of stake and proof of storage protocol, that’s why they call it a triple proof mechanism.

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0:00 Introduction
1:13 What is GALA?
2:48 GALA tokenomics
3:30 Ecosystem
5:04 Related News
6:37 Competitors?
7:28 Conclusion

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