Ethereum Devcon – The Grand Tour

Ethereum Devcon – The Grand Tour

Ethereum Devcon – The Grand Tour

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This Post Was All About Ethereum Devcon – The Grand Tour.
Ethereum Devcon - The Grand Tour

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

Ethereum Devcon 4 is the place to be if you want to build anything on Ethereum. With over 3000+ of the smartest minds coming back together with some songs and dances, devcon4 is what every community aims to be. I take you through the journey of what it’s like to be at Devcon, and some of the people there.
1:28 Devcon Family Reunion
2:41 Mithril – Social Mining
4:03 Polymath – Security token Platform
4:42 Celer Network – Layer 2 scaling
7:09 Enigma – privacy-preserving computation
9:42 Ledger – how are coins added & privacy features
13:41 Canya
14:13 Quarkchain

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